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st. anns

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St. Anns, Ontario

St. Ann's is a rural farming community situated along the banks of the Twenty Mile Creek. The area was settled as early as 1790 and the tiny settlement was called Snyder's Mills.

Adam Snyder and his wife Ann (nee Freas) and their eight children came from New Jersey in New York State in 1793. Within a year he had built a gristmill and a sawmill along the creek. The story goes that the family matriarch, Ann Snyder, was generous to the aboriginal people that came to her door, often giving them food from her own meagre provisions. The First Nation people, so fond of her kindness, would refer to her as St. Ann, and her homestead as St. Ann's.

Eventually the name St. Ann's replaced the previous name of Snyder Mills. Adam Mingle was another early settler to St. Ann's. He built an inn there in 1816 that was used as a stagecoach stop. Mr. Mingle also ran a trading post where he traded rum and sugar with the indigenous people.