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welland river

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Wellandport, Ontario

Wellandport is located along the bank of the Welland (Chippawa) River and the junction of Canboro Road. Wellandport was originally called The Narrows because of the narrow strip of land that separated the Welland River from Beaver Creek. Wellandport was settled as early as 1795 and by 1800 was already an established community.

The Welland River played a significant role in the development of the village. As the forests were cleared the timber was rafted down the Welland River to various mills located along the banks.


The first mill, built in 1816 was a sawmill, followed in 1820 by a grist mill. The village by now also boasted four hotels and a distillery. The last hotel to operate in the village was the Cronkhite Hotel.  Wellandport is also the home of Chippawa Creek Conservation Area.